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Booking Request Form

All booking requests will be reviewed for availability and we will follow up with you via email within 24 hours. Please include as much information as possible in your request so we know the full scope of your expectations. If we are able to accommodate you, you will receive an invoice to confirm and pay once the details are worked out. Payment is due before delivery. Questions about cost? Check our PRICING page.

We look forward to helping you CELEBRATE!


DAY OF signs are setup on the date of your celebration & picked up the following day. General installation times are 8 am - 10 am on weekdays and 6 am - 8 am on weekends. Timing options will be given in our first reply to you.


NIGHT BEFORE GREETINGS are set up the evening before your celebration and picked up the day after your celebration.  Installation is after dark, with summer time hours beginning after 9 pm, fall/winter after 8 pm. 


We can not guarantee an exact arrival time, but will do our best to estimate our time of arrival in the schedule reminder email you will receive before your greeting delivery. Some signs, depending on occasion or location may have shorter display durations, which will be discussed prior to payment. 

If you need a delivery time outside of the above "standard installation time window", please explain your preferred delivery time in the comment section below and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

PACKAGES: Detailed package information & photos can be found on our PRICING page.  

*Please review this information prior to submitting your booking request* 

Package Option:
Package Extra(s):
I have read & agree with the policies of Sign Gypsies Illinois QC as located on the policies page & understand that this booking request is not a confirmed order until an invoice has been emailed. I understand the invoice must be paid within 48 hours prior to install to avoid cancellation.
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